5 days in pictures

The plan is to leave early in the morning, but I can’t get myself out of bed before eleven, and fortunately, I convince Paula to cuddle with me until ten o’clock. After getting up, we just finish some packing and off we go to the deck, stopping just to drop the dogs at a spa and to have lunch.

There, I dismiss all the staff that usually goes on board with me, that’s my vacation with Paula and I don’t want anybody around. As the yacht sails off, she’s a bit concerned about my skills to handle the boat by myself, but by the time it’s stabilized, she is convinced that I know how to do it. However, she’s right at one point: I’m not sure where we are going. Not because I’m not familiar with the maps, but because I haven’t planned anything. I leave the wind guides us while Paula changes into something more comfortable.

When she comes back, already in a bikini and a thin dress, I’m finishing some arrangements while watching her to lie down to have a sunbath. I’m not sure what it is, but she just glows there when the sun touches her skin, like a golden goddess. Soon, I’m distracted and just staring at her. When I just think she’s not noticing me, she turns her head in my direction and smiles patting the spot next to her, inviting me to join her there, what I gladly obey.

The following days pass like this, filled with lazy mornings, walks and swimming in the afternoons and light dinners in the evenings. We’re having a great time and this is the best feeling ever, so much that I’m overwhelmed and want her to have something to always remember this and to be a remark of my love. So, one day when she’s all distracted in a store choosing new bikinis, as if the hundreds she brought weren’t enough, I sneak out and go to a jewelry store. I know exactly what I want so it doesn’t take me too long to buy and come back to pick Paula and her bags up.

On our last vacation day, we decide to make a Jet Ski competition. Paula is confident that she’s learned well and can easily beat me up in a race. Of course she can’t, it is nonsense, but I give her the chance just to let her try and then prove herself wrong. The plan is to go as fast as we can from the yacht to a big rock and back. We were supposed to go after I counted 3, but Paula goes on 2, I’m not surprised, she’s desperate to win. I laugh following her and let her think she’s winning until she turns left at the rock to make her way back. Then, I speed up the Jet Ski and pass her in less than 10 seconds, getting to the boat with a far advantage on her. I can’t help but laugh at her face in disbelief when she gets there too, in second place. As I’m sitting down to relax a bit, she starts to complain.

“I almost win!”

“Because I let you, darling”

“This is not fair!” she says hitting me playfully.

I grab her hands in defense and pull her to sit on my lap. “Just accept I’m the winner”

“Never” she giggles.

I give a peck on her lips. “Say it”

“I won’t” she answers getting one more kiss.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m getting kisses every time I say no, so why would I?” and as I look amused at her, she grabs my face and kisses me again, deeper this time.

We stay like this until we realize it’s time to get ready for our last dinner. We dress up to go to a fancy restaurant at the beach. Paula, as always, is stunning wearing a gold mini dress with the back cut far down in her back, which perfectly matches her tan skin. She also finds my rosy sunburned cheeks cute in contrast with my white shirt and black pants. We are aware that there are some paparazzi following us every day on our vacations, even though they never got to us, but that night is different. When we get to the restaurant, they are at the entrance and some flashes welcome us. We are in a good mood and smile for them, but we don’t exactly pose for pictures because I drag Paula into the restaurant.

Finally at our table, she can’t stop smiling and saying how beautiful the place is. Her eyes are sparkling so much that I feel I could spend the whole night staring at her beauty and promising her the world. But I hold my feelings because I prepared a special moment for us later. Our entries and meal arrive along with wine and soon we are lost in our silly talks as usual. After finishing the dessert, we stay there letting the wine flow through, talking and stealing kisses.

We get out of the restaurant when the sky is in a mix-colored shade but before getting dark. I know a special and obvious place where we can appreciate the view and I rush Paula there but I don’t tell her what we’re going to do and see. Also, it’s the perfect time to my surprise.

We go back to the yacht,  and as we are going there she can’t hold her excitement.

“This has been so peaceful here”

“It has. I want you to see something” I take her hand.

“Ooooh! I’m excited! What is it?”

“Come with me, you’ll see” I lead her to the far back of the boat and when we get there I proudly shouts a “Ta da!”

Her eyes widen when she sees the sunset so close to us and all those colors brighter. She leans forward in the bar of the aft as if she could get even closer. “It’s gorgeous. I can watch this everyday”

“You can watch this whenever you want, darling” I hug her from behind.

“Isn’t it funny how people all over the world live under the same sky and see the same sunrises and sunsets?” she is completely mesmerized.

“Only you, Pawler, to reason about it” I smile and kiss her shoulder.

“It’s different watching it on the boat though” she says turning to face me. “Thank you for bringing me here”

“It is a whole new scenario… You deserve to watch it” I tight my grip around her waist. “Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?

She opens a big smile. “You have, Simey, and you clean up quite nicely, handsome”

“Thank you. But you know what would fit you very well?”


“This” I reach a jewelry box in my pocket and hand her.

She gets the box and opens it. “Aww Simon! An anchor! That’s a gorgeous pendent!” she throws her arms around my neck and gives me a kiss. “Thank you, baby!”

“Do you like it?”

“More than like. I love it!” she assures.

“Great. Let me put on you” I get the pendent from the box and put on her neck.

“Thank you! How does it look?”

“Perfect. You’re perfect” I kiss her cheek.

“No one is perfect, but you’re as close as you can be to perfection” she places her hand in my face as I kiss her palm.

“I love you”

“I love you more. You’re sweet” she moves closer to me. “You’ve made every day of mine better since I’ve known you”

“You’ve made me better, love”

I kiss her nose and then there’s no more space between us when I capture her lips with mine and no words are needed anymore. We just stay there in a tight grip, out tongues dancing together as the sunset is over and it’s finally getting dark. It seems that as darker it gets, spicier our kisses turn. I place one of my hands in the back of her neck as the other one wonders up and down her back. She holds on my shirt before unbuttoning it and rubbing my bare chest. Our touches leave hot trails on our skins contrasting with the cool breeze of the night. I notice she has goose bumps and I take her to the bedroom.

There, where we had a lot of wild sex during vacation, it seems the atmosphere get us more turned on and I start to kiss her neck hungrily while rolling up her dress and taking it off. As soon as it is on the floor, I sit on the edge of the bed bringing her to stand in front of me. My mouth goes immediately on her breast, caressing it with my tongue and slightly biting, then the other gets the same treatment as she watches and holds my head to keep me in place. When I’m done there I go down to her belly tracing hot lines with floppy kisses until the band of her panties. Paula throws her head back anticipating the pleasure she’s going to get: I slide her panties down, kissing each spot that is slowly revealed. When my thumb brushes her center, her knees go weak and she has to sit down on my lap crashing her mouth on mine.

We kiss fervently while she takes off my shirt and pushes me to lie down on my back, so she can straddle me. Playing the same game, she kisses all the way from my chest to the waist band of my pants, pushing them down, leaving me on my boxers. She caresses my shaft through the fabric making it even harder. With a naughty smirk, she slides them down and kisses my thighs up also brushing her lips in my member. This makes me crazy and I pull her up again and roll us over, pinning her under me.

Once more I kiss her while I get my position in the middle of her thighs as her legs welcome me spread wide. We can’t wait any longer, so I start thrusting against her wetness, deep and hard, the way she most likes it. Soon, we are lost into each other, in those rhythmic moves we create that blow our minds. I feel her walls clutching around me, she’s close, so am I. Going faster, I bite her collarbone, which makes her to scream in pleasure and she gives in. Watching and feeling her lost in spasms from head to toe, I let it go too, feeling a rush of electricity running through his body. Still panting and trembling we abandon our bodies in bed to catch up our breath but never letting go of each other.

The swing of the boat helps us to rest and we cuddle together, for some reason we can’t stop kissing, we can’t get enough. I think it’s our bodies saying what our hearts feel but the tongues can’t verbalize. It’s not only love, it’s deeper, a connection so hard to find that overwhelms us to this point. When we break it again, she rests her head on my shoulder, tangles her legs with mine and plays absently with the anchor pendant I gave her as I play with her hair. This is how we stay until our eyelids get heavy and we surrender to sleep. Yet, when we’re finally asleep, Paula places her hand on my chest and whispers.



“Love me again when we wake up”

“Every day, love. Every day”



[Paula’s POV]

The very next day, I started making phone calls and party planning. I thought it would be a fun project for Simon and I to work on instead of hiring a professional to do it for us and give us time to spend together which is just a bonus.

I fill my arms with all of the papers I could carry and drop them onto the coffee table in the formal living area where Simon had his feet up watching TV. He cranes his neck to the right to prevent me from blocking him and pulls me down next to him to get me out of his way.

I cuddle up close and start flipping through the to-do list that I’ve made.

“Simon, can’t you look away from the TV for two minutes and help me plan this?” I beg.

He looks the list up and down and looks at me before re-reading the list again. “Why this long list?” He complains. “God!”

“It’s not that bad! Just decorations, appetizers, invitations, drinks…” I pause and see his eyes widening with every word I say so I start asking simple questions to keep him from getting overwhelmed. When Simon gets overwhelmed, I am sure his first and only phone call would be to a party planner so he doesn’t have to do anything besides show up to the party. “Do you want it outdoors or indoors?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know!” He says, his attention still on the TV. When I click the remote causing the screen to go blank, he makes somewhat more of an effort being useful. “What do you want?”

I contemplate in my head before speaking, “Well, if we do it outside, we’ll have to get a tent…”

“Jesus… But, yeah, I guess outside is better.”

“Unless you want to do inside but then we have a problem with seating.”

“But if the weather is bad, inside is ideal.” He reasons.

“But isn’t the house going to be a mess after?”

“Yes, okay so outside it is and if the forecast says rain, we can bring it inside.”

“Now…” I say jumping to the next topic, “invitations. “What do you want them to say and what is the reason we’re having this party?

Simon being serious for more than one aspect of party planning was too good to be true and his jokes started. This was going to be a long night, I predict. “Here it is: “Come to drink because we love it!” He smirks. “That covers the invitation and why we’re throwing this party.”

I slap his chest by my laughter diminishes all hope of reprimanding him for taking this lightly. “Simon! I can’t just write, we’re throwing a let’s all get drunk party! There has to be a reason!”

“Why not?” Simon persists. It’s almost second nature now for him to do every task with annoying me just a little and stopping right before I get mad. “It’s absolutely true! But if it has to be a reason.. Well, maybe… Celebrate life?” I turn around to see him hysterically laughing where his cheeks are almost turning rosy.

“Maybe just a fall themed party?” I suggest getting back on task after joining his fit of hysterics.

“Autumn, baby.” He corrects in his wise guy tone of voice.

“American English, baby.” I wink back.

“My first party, darling.” He crosses his arms winning me over into doing things his way. “Autumn. Repeat with me. Autumn.” He pronounces every syllable crisply.

I enunciate every syllable right back. “Aut-umn. Autumn it is.”


“Now, a couple of more things…” I continue. “The appetizers. Should we do finger foods? Or a meal?”

He buries his head inside the palm of his hands and dramatically slides down the couch. “Finger food.”

“Okay.” I scribble our conclusions into a notebook. “Suggestions?”




“Sweetheart.” I try again, “I really love you and your lack of cooperation is cute, but I need your input.”

“And I really love you and your patience but I don’t know a single thing about appetizers.” He pouts, “Sorry.”

I can’t help but giggle, “What did I get myself into.” I hand him a piece of paper with some options I had served at other parties of mine. “Fine. Here are options.”

He reads the list out loud, “Mini toasts with cheese, Cucumber sandwiches, Baby shrimp skewers…” He looks up to me with a light in his eyes. “Have it all! Simple!

“The obvious Simon solution.” I roll my eyes, but confine to his suggestion anyway.

“Okay baby, last thing.. and then we can head up to bed.”

“What is it?”

“The time… when it begins and ends.”

“It can begin at the sunset and ends when we’re tired and want everybody out.”

“No. How about 7PM until 2AM?” I say, “Actually, I won’t put an end time. We can just say it starts at 7.”


“So we’re done? Bed time?”

“Please. I had to think my brain out!”

“Drama queen.” I tease pulling myself off the couch and kissing his cheek before pulling him up.

“King.” He corrects following me up to the bedroom.

[Simon’s POV]

Early in the morning, Paula starts to wake me kissing my forehead and telling me it’s time. I’m a bit confused because I don’t know what she is talking about but then I remember. The party this evening. As much as I don’t see a single reason to get up and get ready at 9:30AM for a party that starts at 7PM, I do what she asks. I take my time to make my way to the bathroom to watch my face and go downstairs.

She laughs at my laziness as I take my sit at the table to have breakfast with her. There’s no way she’ll let me work neither is she going. According to her there are tons of things to prepare. I don’t believe that until the moment that she gets me to supervise the guys setting the tent outside, and then the other guys who were in charge of the music, and several minor things while she was running with decoration and food. It is a tough job but while I whine all the time, she does everything without complaining and beyond excited. This gets me excited too because I love seeing that she feels happy and really at home.

By 2PM, we have all set and let our bodies fall on the couch heavily. Thank God we have few hours to get some rest before the party really starts. She rests her legs on my lap and her head on a big cushion, I can’t help but finding her beautiful like that, relaxing. We talk and tease each other until she drags me upstairs. Paula’s plan was being ready half an hour before 7, but of course we majorly fail deciding to shower together. This never helps us to get on time anywhere, we just can’t contain ourselves and the shower itself turns into bodies and mouth smashed against each other with hands running all over. I think it’s the best warm up for parties ever, and I can tell she agrees by the big smile she holds on her face while getting dressed.

We get downstairs again at the same time the first guests arrive. Coming outside with them we declare the party started. Within the hour, almost everybody is there, the tent is all lighted up and the music is coming loud from the speakers. But I’m missing someone. I can’t get who it is until the person makes her big entrance.

“Look at this tent on fire!” Wendy shouts to me.

I turn recognizing Wendy’s voice and pull her for a hug and a kiss. “Look at what your sister has done to me!”

“Oh no, Simon, you can’t lie to me. I know you’re a party boy!” she smacks my arm.

“Yes, but never in my yard”

“Whatever, I’m shocked. And delighted. I have to tell everybody tomorrow”

“That’s why I was afraid of you driving all your way down here”

We laugh getting a glass of champagne from a trash carried by a waiter that passes past us. We talk a little bit more until Paula finds us and steals Wendy to show her something before heading to the dance floor. At this moment, I stop and look around. I have my friends there, my girl having a great time, everyone is happy and probably assuming that we’re together. Suddenly my heart is filled with something I cherish a lot, happiness. I understand now the joy of throwing a party just because we want to have fun and share the moment with the ones we care about. One more thing that Paula has taught me and the list goes on and on. From that moment on, I let myself enjoy the party as much as I can.

Around 3AM, we’re done. The last car leaves our driveway and I enlace Paula’s waist leading her inside, to the kitchen.

“Gone. Everybody is gone. Thank God!” I shout the minute I step in.

“You were having fun! I saw you bobbing your head to the music!” she says imitating me.

I laugh getting two bottles of water and handing her one. “Well, this I can’t deny. Are you happy?”

“Very! I always am when I’m with you” she winks at me while drinking her water.

“I’m glad, then” I leave my bottle near the sink and pull her close to me by her waist. “But now do you know what would make me happier?

“What would that be, baby?” she asks enlacing my neck with her arms.

“Try to remember what you’ve promised me” I draw small circles with my fingers on her sides.

She looks away pretending it’s hard to remember. “A massage?


“You got it” she says kissing me. “Thank you for a good night. Should we go upstairs?”

“No, thank you for being amazing” It’s my turn to kiss her.” Yes, let’s go” I say and we head hand in hand to the bedroom.

There I take off my clothes and crawl to bed only in my black boxers. Paula changes her party outfit into shorts and a loose big sized shirt, as I can see with the corner of my eyes since I’m already laid on my belly.

“Let’s get this over with” she jokes hoping on my back

“Here we go”

She puts some massage oil in her hands and starts to run her hands up and down my back. The scent of the oil combined with her moves gets me immediately relaxed. As my muscles relax, she adds more pressure on them.

“Feeling okay? Am I hurting?”

“I’m beyond good” I manage to answer.

Paula’s hands take their way to my shoulders and neck provoking a good sensation that goes down my spine. Still making circles near the end of my hair, she trails many soft kisses all the way down my back. That is when she owns me.

“You know what, I know a way to make it even better”

She makes her way up again to whisper in my ear. “What could you possibly have in mind at 3:41 in the morning?”

Of course, we both know the answer. I turn around to lie on my back, still having her on top of me. I place my hand on the back of her neck pulling her close to my face and kiss her hungrily. She corresponds entering my mouth with her tongue to intertwine with mine as my fingers are wrapped with her hair. My free hand slides under her shirt and cups one of her breasts, she lets a moan go inside my mouth and sucks my bottom lip. My kisses trail her neck sucking on well-known spots that turn her on until my mouth falls in the other breast and I lightly bite her nipple over the fabric. This gets one more moan from her mouth and she decides to take her shirt off as I sit up.

She wraps her legs around my waist feeling my erection against her. I enlace her getting us even closer making her chest glues on mine and I look into her eyes. “Gorgeous” I say in a husky voice. She smiles and captures my lips again leaning back and down, letting us fall on the bed bringing me on top of her. My mouth goes down to her belly while my hands take her shorts and panties off. Once they’re not on any longer, I can caress her clit causing her to pant and when my head goes up again she bites my earlobe. When I take my hands off her center, she feels the fabric of my boxers against her skin and realizes I’m still wearing them. So her hand slides in to stroke my hard member before sliding them down, never stopping to kiss me. When I feel her wet beneath me, we both can’t hold it and she opens her legs wide so I can finally slide into her. I do it smoothly but as soon as she adjusts, I start to thrust against her; first in rhythmic thrusts, then as we build the tension and her moans get louder, I go harder and faster. I bring her legs to my waist so she wraps them around and we lose it. Our bodies start to shake at the same time we come together, making it last as much as we can before collapsing on the bed.

Still inside of her, I kiss her collarbone while she recovers her breath. She cups my face bringing me up again to kiss me. When we break it and I move to roll over, she holds me in place not letting me go. To be honest, I don’t want to let her either, so I stay until she starts to move again, making me stare at the sexy look she has in her eyes. I can’t help, but move too. Until the sun rises in the sky.


Fortunately, after the jealous event, Paula and I have nothing but rows of good days. It seems that we have mentally agreed that we’re not going to let small things cause trouble between us anymore and it’s working miraculously fine. So much that she is really making use of the key I gave her and spending lots of time with me whenever we can. And this fact brings sweet consequences I wasn’t thinking about.

As she likes to say change is always good, and that’s what Paula does, for better. In a blink time, her presence can be noticed all over the house, I can feel her even when she’s not there. My double closet turns to one and I can tell it’s going to be none soon, there are makeup products in my bathroom’s counter, I’m having breakfast properly almost every morning, and there’s an earring on the carpet near the couch in my office that she’s lost the night before when I was sensually rescued from work. Looking at all of these reminders of her, I realize I’m loving every little part of it and I don’t want it to go back the way it was before.

Somehow, in the middle of one of my lacks of good judgment, I agree with going with her to watch a Lakers game. Of course that I thought I would be fine trusting in my masculine intelligence to understand sports, but the minute the game starts I’m completely lost. However, Paula is sitting by my side with her hand resting on my thigh, squeezing it when something important happens, and her eyes focused on the player’s moves right in front of us. Every now and then she stands up with the crowd and cheer loud along with them. She looks at me trying to get some reaction, but all I can do is smile wide at how happy she is in her element.

When the game finishes, she drags me to meet everybody she knows and shows me her retired cheerleader uniform that it’s still on the stadium’s wall. I’m proud of her, of what she’s achieved through the years. I place a kiss on her cheek and enlace her waist leading her to the exit. The breeze is cool outside and she glues her body on mine as we walk towards the car, which is parked a little bit far since the place was already crowded when we arrived.

“How long am I going to get my way with things, Simon? The PAWS LA event, now a Lakers game…?” she squeezes my arm when she asks.

I can’t help but laugh that she says it at the same time I think about what the bloody hell I was doing there “You know what’s funny? I didn’t get half of what happened there!”

“You tried, though! And you even stayed after to meet the players and cheerleaders. I’m impressed!”

“Am I being good enough?” I shoot her a straight look into her yes.

“Better than I could have thought” she reaches to place a peck on my lips. “Are you having a good time though?

“I am, can you believe that? What about you?”

“Who would’ve thought the dynamic duo fighting tooth and nail would be able to hold it together?”

“This is the best answer ever. Are you still scripted, Pawla?” I have to concentrate to not laugh.

“You’re an asshole!” she says smacking my arm. “Remember you actually thought that and announced it live?”

“I didn’t think, I was sure!”

We finally reach the car and I lean against the passenger’s door and Paula presses her body against mine. I run my hands up and down her arms making sure she’s not cold. When I stop, she places her hands on my chest and bends her head to the right waiting for me to say something. I don’t know if she feels it but I make my decision at that very moment.

“Pawla… Tell me I don’t have to drive you home tonight”

“What? You want to leave me here, then?” she laughs.

“No, crazy! I want you to go with me” I slide my hands to her waist enlacing her.

“Oh! Is that even a question? I barely remember what my house looks like because I’m at yours all the time”

“It wasn’t a question. And I want you to go and stay” I try to sound as trustful as I can.

“So, let’s go home then!” she happily agrees moving to get in the car.

I tighten the grip keeping her in place. “Pawla… I think you didn’t get it right. I’m trying to say I want you to really stay, to move in”

“Oh. Um… I mean… I have been at your place more than mine… and… uh… yeah. Sure. Let’s try it out!” she stutters in her words but holding onto me.

Her reaction makes me unsure of her feelings so I have to ask again. “Really?”

Sensing that I may have not got all her appreciation, she decides to answer leaning in for a deep and passionate kiss where no words were needed. “Mhmm! I’m excited, actually! You should be too, because imagine spending 24 hours a day with me” she says catching her breath.

“I am excited too. It’s just that it’s new for me, us. But I really think it’s going to work”

“I agree! I was not expecting that tonight, but I’m pleasantly surprised. We’ve spent a lot of time together over the past 10 years. This will be fun” she says placing many kisses in my cheeks and along my jaw.

“True. I can see all the fun coming” I wink at her, letting myself come back to normal now that I’m sure she’s on board.

“And there goes the humble cuteness right out the window”

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it. You’re going to get so more of this” I say picking her nose.

“Your egotistic comments? I better prepare myself every morning then”

“No, making up hundreds of pick-up lines and charming winks”

“Like I said, egotistic comments but we can add vain facial expressions to that list” she can barely suppress her laugh.

I lose it and laugh. “Okay, you win. We better go then”

“I always win. Let’s go” this time she laughs along.

I kiss her one more time before opening the door for her to get in the car. I drive with a wide smile plastered on my face and when I look at her, she is doing the same with her hand over mine.

“Um.. Simon. Since I am going to be at your house more than mine, can we take a little detour? If you don’t mind, can we pick up the puppies?” she asks after a while.

“Of course, darling. I can’t picture you there without Chomps and all of them”

“Don’t corrupt them. They are innocent, and sweet. The opposite of you” she adverts me with a playful wink.

“Hey! You know they always loved me the way I am!” I fake being offended.

“Yes, yes. As do I” she caresses my neck and throws me a kiss in the air.

“We have an agreement then”

We get home really late but none of us want to sleep. Instead we stay awake for hours celebrating our big step the best way we know and looking forward to do it soon. When I do get to close my eyes the last thing that crosses my mind before sleeping is that I must be living the greatest dream of all, but then I remember Paula is sleeping with her bare body only covered by the blanket right by my side and I conclude that reality is goddamn perfect. 

Hi, apple! Today is your birthday and I have a few words to say (of course not few, this will soon turn into a lifetime speech). First of all, get ready, sit down and just enjoy this letter. Yes, just a letter because you didn’t let me send you a gift as I planned before and I’ll complain about it every year.

I could say you’re perfect, but Meryl Streep is still alive, so this is going to take a while. I could say you’re flawless, but Dana Delany is alive too. I could say you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but Lana Parrilla is on my screen and I can’t get my eyes off her. Actually, none of that really matters, you know why? Because I love your flaws for making you who you are, just like Paula Abdul, so that it makes you perfect just like Kelly Ripa and beautiful inside out as much as Sofia Vergara. Role models tell much about one person and girl, you chose the best ones.

You’re my New Year’s Resolution that came true, the only one in 21 years. You’re special and mean a lot to me. When I mentally whispered I wanted to be a better person, for real that time, I could not ever imagine God would take me serious after all my fail attempts. But then he brought you, wrapped in a fan fiction text with kind words in an ask box and life was not the same anymore.

Since that day, we have been through lots of things, such as laugh until our belly hurts, head desks, heartfelt words, videos, pictures, tears, random thoughts, writing, being up all night, capital letters talk, drunk convos, coffee and food appreciation time, spending days apart missing each other like crazy, promises, and most of all and important LOVE. Like ridiculously cheesy sincere heart bottom love. I can’t stop it. When I think I love you enough, something happens and I see myself about to explode because somehow you managed to make me love you even more. Who does that? You do and I’m forever grateful and amazed.

You changed my schedules, my needs and the way I see some things. You showed me beautiful perspectives I didn’t even know that existed. You taught me precious lessons I’ll never forget. This is what I want you to know today. And also, I wish you all the happiness you can get, the most honest dreams to come true, whatever they are, wide smiles, happy tears, a hand to help you and a shoulder to cry on when you need it (you have mine though), a good coffee shop wherever you live, an amazing internet connection, perfect song lyrics, quotes to fill your notebooks, tweets from your idols, drinks, a perfect summer time, time with your family, and love love love. Because you are lovely and it’s impossible not to.

Happy Birthday to you, dear, who brings out the best of me and makes the whole world brighter. Happy Birthday to you who deserves everything pink in the world. Happy Birthday to you who is loved that much by me.



chocolate cake

chocolate cake



Packing tutorial

So I don’t like you, but I love you. 

The cam was on my window, that’s why I’m in an awkward position… I really don’t know how to explain why I didn’t just move it…